Will code Drupal for Chips [en]

I guess we all remember the famous „will code for html“ fun picture from the 2000 dot-com bust. It got famous again (sad but true) over the last couple of months when times got rough for a lot of startups as well as some established IT businesses (not mentioning all the other business sectors).

will code html for food

Today the deliveryman passed me a mid-sized parcel. I didn’t expect any deliveries so I was very curious to see what it was about and who sent it to me, though I’m usually not that kinda guy who jumps around the christmas tree. For some reason even our office dog Judy had a rather unusual interest in whatever was hidden inside that parcel..

What is it?

It took me a knife and a few seconds to open it and as I saw its content I couldn’t help myself and had to laugh so hard I almost fell into the desk. Lying in there were 10 bags (150g each) Funny-Frisch Riffels Chili & Paprika potatoe chips – my most beloved junkfood of all!

10 bags funny frisch riffels chili paprika

The story behind this is simple: I’m addicted to this stuff and enjoy it frequently while watching my favorite stuff (live Lost or NHL games of my St. Louis Blues) and someday I must have mentioned it in an email or while phoning with that customer.

He seems to be a happy customer of mine, most notably after I set his Drupal project to public beta status last week. So I think it’s just fair to say I will code Drupal for Chips, reminding me of the above historic picture. Two weeks from now and I’m sure those 10 bags will be history, too.

Thank you very much, Frank. You just made a geek happy (and fat of course) and a dog jealous..


If you ask why the hell I am posting this in English, it’s just because it fits better to „will code X for Y“.